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About us

PROJECT FLOW is an initiative that aims to have a high social and environmental  impact through water re-usage.

We are a social business and we work to increase the usage efficiency of natural resources inside the domestic environment .

FLOW UNO, our first product, is easy to use and can be installed in a few minutes without the need of remodeling your bathroom, being an excellent solution for instant impact. 

Why is project flow 

Water: an essential resource for life that is now in shortage. With increasing climate change and growing demand for fresh water, it is vital to ensure that in the future we will have access to clean, quality water. Large urban centers are already suffering from moderate to severe water crisis, such as São Paulo, Cape Town and Jerusalem. The lack of water will affect life as we know it and that's why we support the UN 2030 agenda and sustainable development goals.


Each Flow Uno's unit saves around 1.188 Liters of water per month and spares BRL 26,92 per month.

We hope to save monthly 59.400 Liters of water and BRL 1.346,00 with our first batch during the next 8 years.


5.702.400 liters of water
BRL 129,216,00


There are two ways of supporting socio-environmental impact provided by Project Flow:

DONATE  >>  Project Flow believes in the mission of protecting the world through water saving and income distribution, that's why units are subsidized for donation. Give any amount of money to donate subsided Flow Uno units to families in need, where both water and money saving will make a lot of difference. Participate with any amount you can give, the Flow Project alongside a partner NGO will distribute the units to families with the exact profile to maximize positive outcomes. We will also keep you updated and transparent about the results.


PURCHASE  >>  Purchase a personal unit for yourself and get directly engaged on water saving.

Donate or purchase it for yourself

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