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High impact through water saving 

Flow Uno is a device that connects to your toilet water tank and allows automatic reuse of water. Flow is a low cost and easy to install (plug-and-play) device, without the need for construction workers or technicians to operate. 


Flow is a simple and experimental product that generates social and environmental impact through water saving and presents a high return on investment making it effective and viable:


Expected return on investment: 9.31% p.m.

Paypack: 10.74 months

Expected product life: 8 years

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Ready to use

Simply plug your Flow Uno into the power source and the toilet to start using. No remodeling is needed.

Social Environmental impact

Each flow unit has a relevant impact and is an excellent solution to save water in the domestic environment.

A matter
of  Habit

Flow only depends on a daily habit to work, just recharge it with greywater, we'll do the rest of the magic for you.

Made to last

Flow Uno uses resistant and sophisticated materials, it is made to last many years of saving.

understand the numbers

Want to know how we got to Flow Uno's numbers? We will be happy to tell you.

Our vision

Project Flow has a very clear and established vision of where we want to go and the difference we want to make.

more hygienic

Flow Uno is a more hygienic and efficient solution for water reuse.

Why are prices different?

Flow Uno prices are different for donated units and personal units, understand why.

Ready to join the fight?

Donate as much as you can or get a Flow Uno right now!


Social donation unit: BRL 269.00

Personal unit: BRL 289.00


Get  started

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How to Install your Flow?

Ready to use

To install your FLOW UNO, just have a small space next to the toilet, have a built-in box and an energy plug in the bathroom.

Just connect the water tube to the toilet box and the power cable to the power plug and you're done, an operating flow saving water for years to come!

Como instalar sua flow
Entenda os numeros

Understand the numbers behind Flow Uno

Each flow unit saves a lot

Formula - Projeto Flow

Money saving

Average water and sewage tariff (Sao Paulo, Brazil):  22.66 BRL

1.188M square x 22.66 BRL = 26.92 BRL per month
Números - economia
Mar calmo

Why are prices different?

Let's impact together with you

As a social company, we believe in our purpose of taking the social and environmental impact further, we want to be able to put a Flow Uno in every home we can. That's why we subsidize social units for donation, this is our way of working together with you to make a better world!

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